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Ultimate Wedding Reception Dance Ideas:


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Twin Cities Wedding DJs has a deep and rich catalog of thousands of different songs in every category. And only a professional, experienced DJ knows which song would be perfect to play depending on who is on the dance floor, and what mood is ready to pop. Is the crowd ready for a break? Or are they ready to kick things up a notch? What happens next, and how that plays out all night song after song, is why you simply can't cut corners on your wedding reception's most important ingredient: Twin Cities Wedding DJs experience performing weddings right here in Minnesota and our Ultimate Wedding DJ Playlists.

Ultimate Wedding DJ Playlists by Category:

Twin Cities Wedding DJs Ultimate Playlist for your wedding reception, family event, or company party. Music selections are only one of many tools that an experienced, professional DJ uses to keep your dance floor full. What it boils down to is not the songs themselves but the selection of the songs and the order that they're played by reading your guests' moods that makes 99% of the difference between a great or a terrible evening. That's where our Ultimate DJ Playlist for Weddings and Company Parties was born from: Our unmatched DJ experience from right here in Minnesota observing thousands of guests' reactions when considering the perfect song to play - or NOT to play - next.

Twin Cities Wedding DJs could play all night long in any category you choose from in our Ultimate Wedding DJ playlists! Every song has been a tried and true favorite at wedding receptions in the Twin Cities MN! We know you'll agree.

Twin Cities Wedding DJs Ultimate Playlist