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Hiring A Professional DJ

"I've never done this before. I don't even know the right questions to ask." That's something we hear from brides all the time! But don't worry, we have your back!

An experienced car mechanic friend knows what to look for and what behavior to watch out for in regards to other car mechanics, just like an experienced wedding DJ friend knows what behavior to look for and watch out for in other wedding DJs too.

An unfortunate side effect of the really cheap DJs on Craigslist, or some "friend of a friend", or an iPod on shuffle play, is that there are no do overs when things go bad for most large planned events like a Wedding Reception.

Our Passion for Wedding Receptions

Wedding Receptions are special occasions where families and friends create memories that last a lifetime. An excellent DJ can absolutely enhance those memories BUT an inexperienced or indifferent DJ can ruin those memories just as easily. Twin Cities Wedding DJs has a passion for receptions from our experience at hundreds of family events.

Attention to Detail at Corporate Events

Too often, we hear event planners ask us about our "clean" music selections because a previous DJ played explicit songs at their previous event. We are used to being family friendly so we know "radio friendly" songs well. Does your event need an emcee for announcements? Raffle drawings? We do those tasks at no additional charge!

Our DJ Experience is Unmatched

For starters, we're not teenagers learning how to DJ at your wedding reception. Many other DJ companies hire young new guys who work almost exclusively in clubs and don't know how to prepare or play for an all ages crowd with music that spans decades, not just the past year or two.

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