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Frequently Asked Question: Showroom visits vs customer report cards? The purpose of a showroom visit is to get you in their chair and convince you to sign their service agreement. If they give you incentives to "sign today" instead of allowing you to take it home, get up and leave. Their main goal is to get you to pay as much up front as possible because they have X number of DJs they need to book for that weekend and your wedding reception is just number X to them. In contrast, we ask our customers to rate our DJ services at the end of their night so they can rate their experience with us while it's still fresh in their mind.

Frequently Asked Question:
How many years of experience does it take to be considered an excellent DJ?More than just one or two years that's for sure! A disc jockey who is mature and has been in the wedding DJ business for several years, will be much more experienced with all types of music, and be very comfortable performing in front of people of all ages than a young DJ who only does bars, clubs, or high school events.

Frequently Asked Question: What's a good or bad DJs true value to my wedding reception? What would you would sue a DJ company for damages if they didn't show up or ruined your reception because they didn't know what they were doing? That is your disc jockey's value to you! Your big day is not the day to pinch pennies taking a chance on an inexperienced DJ.

Frequently Asked Question: What should a DJ have for backup equipment? A well prepared disc jockey will have plenty of light bulbs, tools, parts, and other personal disc jockey connections to make sure that any scheduled event goes off without a hitch. We at Twin Cities Wedding DJs back up each other with our equipment, our expertise, and ourselves at every wedding reception. There are no weak links here.

Frequently Asked Question: Is it a good idea to rent some speakers and use my own iPod for my reception? No. Lots of practice, previous wedding experience, and a live DJ is what the majority of your cost to a good DJ Company is paying for. There is no "big day do-over" button with an iPod on shuffle play sitting in a corner.

Frequently Asked Question:All DJs and equipment are the same so just book the cheapest one right?Sorry, that's far from the truth. There are DJ subcontractors who will "sell" your contract to the lowest bidding "independent subcontracting DJ" and then hopefully you don't get sold again. Twin Cities Wedding DJs does not subcontract and insist that clause be included in any contract you sign.

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