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Ultimate Top 10 Songs from 1980's - 2010's

If you gather a group of experienced wedding DJs together, inevitably music becomes the topic. And an often hotly debated topic of music is: "What are the Ultimate Top 10 songs of all time from each category of music?" Most DJs have played these Ultimate Top 10 songs so many times, we know the lyrics, the backup vocals, how it begins, how it ends, etc. But you may not know which ones work best to make people get up and dance at your wedding reception or company party in the Twin Cities Minnesota!

The way our DJs have chosen these Ultimate Top 10 songs from the 1980's through the 2010's is by how well they pack the dance floor, even if we've heard each song a million times. Our lists below are broken down by 10 "fast" and 10 "slow" songs. Does the numbering 1 through 10 mean that this is the order to play these songs? Not at all, it simply indicates their popularity. Twin Cities Wedding DJs would never create a play list in advance of any wedding reception simply because reacting to your guests is what an experienced professional DJ does best.

Ultimate Top 10 Songs from the 1980's - 2010's for your Wedding Reception or Company Party