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Frequently Asked Question: Do some other DJs play from a set playlist for wedding receptions?

Unfortunately yes. Inexperienced DJs are trained to play the same 50 songs for any "all ages" event like a wedding reception or the same "classic rock" set for a company party. No thinking or training is involved and this very wrong philosophy assumes that all wedding receptions, family events, or corporate parties are the same. It also makes it easier to send out a rookie DJ - and no one ever wants that!

Frequently Asked Question: Some current songs have explicit lyrics, how do you handle those songs and requests for them?

Twin Cities Wedding DJs has the "clean" radio versions if they are played, and we usually suggest later in the evening if at all. Our name and reputation are obviously on the line for all of your guests when songs that may be inappropriate are requested to be played at your wedding reception, Family event, or a Company party.

Frequently Asked Question: Can you give some suggestions of what to play for special dances?

One of the best things Twin Cities Wedding DJs provides to you is our extensive experience about which songs in well over a dozen different categories have worked well at many wedding receptions right here in the Twin Cities Minnesota.

Frequently Asked Question: Should I give my DJ a playlist with songs in the exact order I want them played?

No. When Twin Cities Wedding DJs show up to your reception, we plan on adapting to you and your guests all night long. Some of our DJs compare it to a creative process like painting or playing a live instrument where you improvise to the crowd. A great wedding reception is a fluid moment in time and an experienced DJ will anticipate moods by constantly observing you and your guests to make sure your unique wedding reception is a success.

Frequently Asked Question: How many different song categories should a DJ have?

Twin Cities Wedding DJs specializes only in wedding receptions, family events, and company parties so our 25,000+ song library is deep and spread out over many different decades and categories because every party is unique.

Frequently Asked Question: How many special songs should I request?

Besides the Bride and Groom's first dance, and Father-Daughter dance and Wedding Party dance to kick things off, we recommend about 10-15 songs you'd most want to hear. An average reception can play only about 50-55 songs so leaving room for your guests to make requests will keep them happy and dancing while they wait for their personal visit with you.

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